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Complete infrastructure and application management stack
for commodity hardware.
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What is Operos?

Operos is an pocketoption open-source Linux-based operating system that brings hyperscaler-grade infrastructure automation to organizations of all sizes: scheduled containers, software defined networking, and converged storage automatically provisioned on commodity x86 servers.

Operos is built on the best Open Source technologies: Linux kernel, Docker container engine, Kubernetes, Ceph, and Calico. With Operos, all of these technologies work as a cohesive whole. It is easy to install and scale, minimizes operational drudgery, tolerates hardware failure, and provides operational insight. Operos helps you focus on what matters: building, deploying, and running your applications.


Iterate faster

Pushing changes to production has never been simpler.
Operos fully automates application deployment and management tasks, which are often done manually by system administrators through a ticketing system. Operos pocket option takes care of these tasks in a matter of minutes, so your business can respond to changes faster. It provides rolling updates, rollbacks, and health reporting mechanisms which reduce the costs of making changes to a minimum.

Reduce hardware costs

Unlock the full capacity of your existing hardware.
Some applications can be CPU heavy, while others may require more memory. By combining such workloads on the same server, just like Tetris blocks, the built-in scheduler improves overall utilization and eliminates the "stranded" capacity. Workloads compacted this way can reduce the hardware footprint by up to 85% when compared to traditional IT. Operos supports most 64-bit x86 servers so you are free to use those that fit your needs and budget.

Supercharge your DevOps

Focus on what matters the most: building, deploying, and running your applications.
Operos can improve the typical server/admin ratio of 40:1 by an order of magnitude. It takes care of the the most pocket option broker mundane and time consuming tasks such as catalogging and provisioning hosts, maintaining the OS on the servers, and dealing with failed hardware. Moreover, Operos watches your applications for you, automatically scaling them when needed, and fixing problems as they occur.


Easy to install

The Operos installer transforms a collection of servers into a cohesive, distributed, hyper-converged infrastructure in less than 20 minutes.

Hardware vendor neutral

Operos runs on commodity x86 servers, be it racks of 96 core 4U monsters, or a just few servers in your office.

Always up-to-date
Coming soon

Operos ensures that physical hosts are always patched with the latest features and security updates.

Container orchestrator

Operos offers Kubernetes for orchestrating containers into services and applications, and managing their lifecycle.

The container orchestrator directs the actions of the underlying components – from storage to networking – ensuring the application containers are running and healthy, have access to the resources they need, and can be accessed by clients.

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Software defined networking

Operos integrates an open-source SDN system that enables cross- container networking and provides a sophisticated application-centric network security policy.

Dashboards and metrics

A curated set of the most essential hardware and OS metrics provides visibility into the state of your cluster.

Open source and open standards

Operos relies on open source components and provides industry standard open interfaces.

Machine provisioning

Worker node provisioning is fully automatic. Machines boot across the network via PXE and are provided with an OS and all of the other software they need to join the cluster.

Service mesh
Coming soon

Operos abstracts the communication between applications. Out of the box, it provides service discovery, end-to-end encryption, intelligent routing, request tracing, and policy-based access control.

Data encryption
Coming soon

All storage is automatically and transparently encrypted. Should the disk fall into the wrong hands, your data will be safe.

Hyper-converged storage

The distributed data layer automatically takes advantage of any available storage and removes the need for expensive dedicated NAS devices.

Operos integrates Ceph, a proven solution for converged storage. If a container is recreated or restarted on a different host, its volumes are automatically reattached. All data is replicated to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure.

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Enterprise authentication
Coming soon

Operos supports OpenID-Connect, allowing for authentication against a variety of systems of record, such as Active Directory, Google GSuite, GitHub, and others.

Secure control plane
Coming soon

Communication between Operos components happens through encrypted TLS channels, managed by a built-in Public Key Infrastructure.

Automatic data replication

All persistent data is automatically replicated to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure.

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